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Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Card– Silhouette Project

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My husband and I are at the stage in life where we’re celebrating with a lot of our friends who are getting married. We’re just about to hit our one-year anniversary (this upcoming Tuesday, in fact!) and it’s been fun to share the love and joy we felt during our big day with our friends as they start their marriages.

We were in the process of moving during the span of several weddings this summer but after we settled into our new place I was able to make at least one card for the summer of weddings (unfortunately, I forgot to drop it in the card box at the wedding so I still have to mail it. It’s the thought that counts, right? :).

I used the Silhouette Cameo— a machine that acts a lot like a printer but instead of printing it cuts designs out of paper, vinyl, and fabric– to make the card.

The great thing about the Silhouette is that you can buy pre-made cards in the online store if you don’t have time or don’t feel like making one from scratch. Or, if you’re feeling industrious and you want to put your own touch on things, you can use the design software to modify a pre-made card or create one from scratch.

For this card I used these designs from the online store:


1. I resized the leaf background to a smaller card-sized shape.

2. I created a simple rectangle in the same size as the leaf background in order  to connect the two shapes and make a folding card.

3. Before I welded the two shapes together, I noted where the middle point was with a small line outside of the shapes.

4. I duplicated the rectangle so I could have a backing to put behind the cut out leaves. I moved this off of the page to cut later in a different color. (this is the yellow piece you see in the card above)

5. I moved the rectangle and leaf background together so that they were slightly overlapping and selected “weld shapes” to create one shape.

6. I moved the line I created back in step 3 to the middle of the new leaf/rectangle shape and selected “perforate” instead of cut for that line so that the card would fold easily. The leaf/rectangle shape should still be set to “cut”.

7. I chose Eccentric Standard font and created text for the “Mr. & Mrs.” and sized it up so that it would be prominent on the card. I moved it off of the first cut page, however, since I wanted it to cut in a different color.

8. I adjusted the cut settings for a blade depth of 5 and speed of 3 so that the leaf pattern would cut well. Then I selected “begin cut”.

9. After the first successful cut, I moved the images off of the page and added the extra rectangle and text to cut out in yellow.  Using the same cut settings, I selected “begin cut”.

10. Lastly, I opened the scalloped envelope shape and resized it so I’d be confident that it would cover the size of the folded card (I used the extra rectangle as a guide).

11. I increased the blade to 6 and lowered the speed to 2 since texture of the paper I was using was coarser. Then I selected “begin cut”.

12. The last step was to assemble all of the pieces with a glue stick!


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