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DIY Christmas Gifts for Her


Welcome to the second post of a four-part DIY Christmas Gifts Series. Previously I wrote about DIY Gifts for Him, today it’s all about DIY Gifts for Her, and next it will be about DIY Gifts for Coworkers, and then DIY Gifts for Grandparents.

For Moms:

  • For the Bird Lover

For the Bird Lover You know the Portlandia sketch “Put a bird on it“? I love it. As much as it’s funny to laugh at, my mom and I are totally all about birds so it was logical to put a bird on everything I made for her. She’s also a big fan of copper so merging her love for birds with cute copper canisters was just meant to be! I etched a bird design on to both canisters and then used the same design on some green napkins to go with the birdie napkin ring holders I got her last Christmas! :)

  • For the master of desserts

For the Master of DessertsMatt’s mom is a pro at making incredible desserts every time we’re together as a family. When she mentioned she didn’t have a trifle bowl I was shocked! In a bit of self-interest I decided to get her one and etch with the word “enjoy”, fully planning to enjoy some lovely new desserts at our next family get together!

For Sisters:

  • For the event-goer 

For the event-goerMy sister is always going to great concerts and finding the funnest wine festivals, beer tastings, you name it. If it’s a memorable event, she’s gonna find it. I actually attended my first concert with her (Insert Death Cab for Cutie Shout Out Here)! I pinned this “Admit One” shadowbox for special memories awhile ago and she made a comment asking if I’d make it for her for  Christmas.  Little did she know that I would take her very seriously and do just that. I found the shadowbox at Michael’s and used the Silhouette to spruce it up a bit.

  • For the special young mom with a great sense of humor 

For the Special Young MomPlaying off of another comedy sketch, I etched “Treat Yo’self” (any Parks and Rec fans out there??) on to a glass jar that could hold some of my sister’s favorite coffee drink treats: Kahlua K-Cups. I thought that it could be a good way to bring a smile to her face and spoil her a bit when she’s getting her day started with two cute kiddos.

  • For the growing (and moving!) family

For the Growing FamilyMy sweet sister-in-law is about to embark upon a big move with her growing family and rather than showcase all of their names and dates for the world to see, I decided to upload an example of what I made for her with all of her family’s birthdays, her wedding day and a note at the bottom, “wherever we go, we go together”. It was inspired by a pin from this blog.

  • For the Note-Writers

For the Note Writers

I’m a big fan of snail-mail so this was another semi-selfish gift as I hope I’ll be getting some sweet notes from some of my favorite ladies. As stocking stuffers for my mom and sisters, I made little notecards with separate designs and a cutout of their first initial at the top of each card.

For Nieces:

  • For the dress-up girl

For the Cutest Little NieceI figured I’d get my niece started on my obsession with cute little owls by stenciling an owl onto a cute outfit I picked up at Target. Because it seemed sad to give a little lady clothes and nothing to play with, I also picked up a little dress-up puzzle with a cheer-leading outfit in Spartan colors even though in my own family we prefer to cheer for maize and blue. :)


3 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Gifts for Her

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  2. If I could only figure out how to put a little figure of a bird in this comment box I would! (Research needed!) They all turned out lovely. Creating is so much fun ;-)

  3. I love your ability to research and discover what is important in each of our lives, and celebrate it with gifts. Some people see things that they like and gift them, but you go that extra mile –every time! Thank you for loving us in this way:)

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