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DIY Holiday Placecards

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So I’m super behind on this since it’s from Thanksgiving but the idea could certainly be replicated for any holiday (Easter, anyone?!). The idea of this post: do-it-yourself super cute holiday placecards.

I have to give a nod to my sweet mother-in-law for this one because I would have never thought to make Thanksgiving placecards if she hadn’t asked if I’d be interested.

After I got some specifics on what the Thanksgiving table would look like I got to work. I found a turkey that I liked a good deal in the Silhouette online store:


This Guy!

Then I already had this lace placecard:

Lace Placecard

So lovely!

If life was up to me, everything would be as lovely as the darling lace designs I’m so drawn to.

Anyway, back to the Thanksgiving placecards… I wanted to incorporate my love for lace with a traditional Thanksgiving image so I used the Silhouette online software to merge the lace placecard with the turkey and this is what I was able to come up with:


In a separate file, I used “wisdom” font to write everyone’s names and then I cut the names out in a different color to glue them onto the turkey placecard.

Enough talk though, right? Here’s the final product:


And a shot up close on the Thanksgiving table:


Also, can we take a moment to admire the absolutely beautiful table my mother-in-law put together for our Thanksgiving meal as a family?


While I might be able to make the placecards, I realize that there’s a long way to go before I’m ready to put on such a lovely day of thanksgiving with the whole family. I am so grateful to our mothers who have done this for us every year for as long as we can remember!

Do  you have any special designs in mind for your Easter table? I’ll definitely be thinking about it and will show you what I come up with!


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