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Getting Creative At Work – Culture Awards

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Seelio Culture Awards 3

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I love to be creative. Fortunately, being in a marketing communications role I get to tap into that passion quite a bit already in my day job. But one of my favorite creative activities brings no monetary gain (at least not yet…). So, when I get a chance to merge the two worlds you can color me excited.

Within the last six months I’ve started working remotely and, about a month ago, I had a chance to go back to the home office for some company-wide events. A colleague and I started brainstorming to see if there was anything fun and out of the ordinary we could do to celebrate the many characters that make our team so fun. After a lot of fun ideas, we landed on something semi-inspired by The Dundies (any Office fans out there?).

One of our best office comedians would be the honorary Michael Scott and I would create our version of the Dundies– coasters emblazoned with one of the 10 Seelio Superlatives we concocted. These were pretty off the wall, y’all. Anything from Champion Titler of Meetings (for the guy who makes even the lamest meeting sound a little bit funny) to the Let Me Meme That For You (for the gal who no matter what you post in the company chat feed can find a hilarious related meme before you can blink). Because coaster packs at Target only come in quantities of 4 per package, there were 2 extra that got a treatment of our company logo which we sent back to our parent company as a little token of our appreciation for their support.

All 10 Superlatives:

  • Building for the Future
  • Best Looking Pies
  • Champion of Emoji
  • Office Pied Piper
  • Hot Potato
  • The Handiest
  • Fairy Godmother of the Office
  • Best Phone Voice
  • Champion Titler of Meetings
  • Let Me Meme That for You

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