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Simple Easter Decorations

As much as I want to buy a beautiful Easter wreath for my front door, like this beautiful thing from Etsy:

Easter Wreath

Now is not the time to buy more things to potentially have to schlep across the country in a few short weeks. So, I got creative and poked around the Silhouette Online Store to see what I could use to create some Easter decorations on the cheap.

I found some great options but my favorite was this easter soiree kit. Just one download later and I was on my way to creating these three sets of decorations for our apartment:

Now, they might not rival some of the beautiful wreaths out on the market but they certainly serve the purpose of bringing the Lenten season top of mind as we look forward to Easter Sunday!

If you’re looking for a few other options, consider giving these a try:

Have you repurposed things you have on hand for seasonal decorations? Show it off in the comments!


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DIY Housewarming Gift

Do you know someone who just moved and now you’re looking for a nice way to commemorate their new home? Here’s a project I made last year for our parents:


Step one: Find a nice glass pitcher (TJ Maxx, Home Goods, etc are always good hunting grounds for me)

Step two: Create a design that you can etch onto the glass. I love using my Silhouette Cameo and for this project I used a lovely font similar to Wisdom and a fancy wreath similar to this from the online store.

Step Three: Cut the design onto vinyl and then place the relief of the cut onto the glassware.

Step Four: Apply some glass etching cream over the design and wait for a few minutes.

Step Five: Remove the cream and the vinyl adhesive and rinse away any excess. Voila!

housewarming card

Extra: If you want to make a card to go along with it, consider using this pocket design like the one I used in the photo above. To make it a little more housewarming-centric, I mocked up my own house shape and added  “Home Sweet Home” in the center.

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In all things, give thanks…

Even though I can’t believe it’s the end of October, I’m already looking forward to Thanksgiving. Maybe that’s because I’m reuniting with some lovely family members or maybe it’s because of all the good memories from Thanksgivings-past. Either way, here’s a little something I put together to add a little Thanksgiving goodness to our family room.


If you’d like your very own “In All Things Give Thanks” printable,  download by right clicking and choosing “Save As”.

thanksgiving printable