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Everything is Awesome – DIY Lego Birthday

While it may have taken me a year to catch up to the hype and finally watch The Lego Movie, my nephew was one of the first in theaters. Together we’ve played Lego Star Wars, built lego creations and I’ve seen the awesome projects he’s created both solo and with his Lego-loving dad. So, when his 7th birthday was rolling around it was pretty easy to know what to do: LEGO!

Along with everyone else who watched The Lego Move, #everythingisawesome became part of our everyday vernacular. (Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!) << once you start, you have to finish.

So clearly Everything is Awesome had to be a part of this special guy’s 7th birthday. The best way I could think about incorporating it was with a custom shirt that I created with my Silhouette Cameo. Here’s how it went down:

To get started, I did a Google search of “Everything is Awesome” (definitely fun, you should try it!), and found this:

Everything is Awesome

Link to Random Italian Website As Original Source

I uploaded the image to my Silhouette Studio software and adjusted filters to do a trace of the image. Basically, fiddle with the high pass and low pass filters until it seems like most of the lines on the image will be clear. If you mess up, just CTRL + Z and try, try again! Soon enough, you’ll have a shape to cut:

Next, I loaded a sheet of vinyl into my Silhouette Cameo and cut out the shape (after adding a square around it to help create a stencil). If I’d been smart I would have then used transfer paper to pick up the vinyl stencil and make it easier to apply it to the shirt, but I just went for it and did my best to position it on the navy shirt I picked up from Target. In all honesty, the transfer paper is a worthwhile step and I recommend it. But things will work out if you don’t have it. The shirt will have more of that handmade feel! :)

Then, after a few dabs of white fabric paint and a few moments to dry, the process is complete and you have one Everything is Awesome shirt for a very special Lego-loving nephew.



Of course, a copy of The Lego Movie had to accompany the shirt for the full effect.

Hopefully it’s a combo that will make for an awesome 7th year!